Stone Stacking Workshops

Lasting approx. 2 hours per workshop. To engage participants in a new skill, helping to spark imagination and artistic creativity in a natural setting. Using natural materials and to develop new skills within their own environment. Our Stone Stacking workshops are led by two fully qualified meditation and mindfulness practitioners. We fully believe that workshops involving art and artistic expression have the ability to improve education and attainment at School for all ages. Our workshops can be tailored to suit from the youngest pre school children to teenagers and Higher education students.

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The Curriculum for Excellence states:-

“Through art and design, learners have rich opportunities to be creative and to experience inspiration and enjoyment.”

Example Workshop Activities:

  • Showcase famous images of Stone Stacking experts around the globe
  • Discuss the connection with nature and engage with a word play exercise around nature which contains the words “true” and “art. This will begin the creative process.
  • Discussion around where else you may find examples of Stone Stacking. (i.e. Cairn building used to guide people hill climbing)
  • Hands on opportunity to try stone stacking with support where required in a natural environment (Beach)
  • Reflection and discussion of creating public art and why it’s important (i.e. Civic engagement and understanding nature and natural materials in an artistic context)


  • Patience/Relaxation
  • Creative processing
  • Concentration and focus
  • Motor skills
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Attention in the moment
  • Opening up their mind to street art and art in nature
  • New skill development

Linked to Curriculum of Excellence Outcomes:-

HWB 2-19a

Opportunities to carry out different activities and roles in a variety of settings have

enabled me to identify my achievements, skills and areas for development. This will help me to prepare for the next stage in my life and learning.

EXA 2-03a

I can create and present work that shows developing skill in using the visual elements and



EXA 2-06a

I can develop and communicate my ideas, demonstrating imagination and presenting at least one possible solution to a design problem.