John Muir Stone Stacking Challenge

The first ever Stone Stacking Challenge, Dunbar Saturday 23rd April 2016 on Dunbar’s Glorious East Beach. This is one of the first events of this kind in the UK, bringing together skills of traditional cairn building alongside artistic expression of rock balancing.

The Challenge 2016

Judges Robin Wood Seona Mason & James Page

Most creative stack

1st Stephanie Taylor

2nd Dean Kitching

3rd Adrian Girling

Most stones Balanced

1st Spencer Gilroy

2nd élan Evans

3rd Ricky Prentice

The Music Lineup

Music & Staging by Callum Easter

Rita Bradd

Mellissa Bradd Gong Ceremony

GBH and the rare tender version


Terry McDermott

Callum Easter

Logans Close

Roy Moller

Art  & Creatives Provided By

Church of Gloss

Paul Togneri Pol Tog Art

The Cascade Effect
Juggling Workshop with
Stuart Clements

Jemima Thewes Face Painting

Crunchy Carrot Coconut Shy

Richie Cumming

Bernie Reid

Elph & MSC Creative

On Site Charity

Special Thanks to Corporate Sponsor

1650 Coffee Shop

Crunchy Carrot

Dunbar T-Shirt Shop

Funding generously provided by


Updates will be provided via Facebook


What is Stone Stacking?

Stone stacking is an art-form in which rocks are stacked on top of one another to form different shapes without the use of anything other than the rocks and gravity.

There are many people who undertake this activity across the globe with the world rock stacking championships in Texas annually.

This past time is a great way to reconnect with the environment around you and can produce exceptional temporary works of art.

For more information about techniques and famous rock stacking artists please visit