Dunbar Street Art Trail 2015 Gallery

1) John Muir @ Belhaven Bikes – owner Colin sculpted a massive 7 foot tall John Muir for the days events made out of metal parts. The finished product was a fitting tribute to Dunbar’s famous son and world renowned Naturalist.

2)Street Fashion @ Fashion School – Jacqui Burke gave us an insight into the working of a Fashion School renowned for its creativity and wonder. Showcasing some pupils designs and different projects since it’s creation.

3)Filmpoem @ Bleachingfield community centre – Alistair Cook and Liz Lochhead (Scotland’s National Makar) worked with local kids in a workshop to produce a stunningly beautiful film poem around the town. The final video highlights that with the right guidance children can often be the most creative in society.

4) 3SIXTY @ Bleachingfield park – The stunt bike trio thrilled and delighted fans with their death defying stunts on adapted stunt bicycles. 4 shows throughout the day were followed by an interactive coaching sessions with interested crowd members.

5)Billboard for Dunbar @ Be Green – Susan Mowitt worked with kids to produce billboards for Dunbar, showcasing many different ways of creating art.

6)Dunbar Art Club @ Sparkly Frog – Dunbar art club showcased some of their members great works that could be enjoyed on the delightful knitted bench outside.

7)Live Drawing @ Found Gallery – Derek Jones showcased his talents by drawing live a sketch of Amy Christie Local Artist. Amongst the many delightful and quirky artworks in the Found Gallery

8)Robin Wood @ Flux – The master wood craftsman Robin Wood displayed a collection of his work including the famous Wooden Robot, giving locals a great chance to meet Dunbar’s newest Business Flux.

9)Source Papercuts @ 1650 Coffee Shop – Emma Westwater displayed a selection of her intricate designs with a seaside theme. The designs made from paper layered to give a depth and effect that is stunning.

10)James Page @ Earthly Angel & The Beauty Bar – James creation the ARK spanned 3 windows with high gloss finished artworks delighted passer bys. Earthly Angel also ran Jewellery Making sessions for Children and an interesting Angel Card reading session for adults.

11)Dunbar in Pictures @ Housing Office – Making use of this old council building by showcasing East Lothians best amateur photography group. The stunning finished work is a collage that pays homage to the artistic talent hidden away in our town.

12) Pet Portraits @ Splatz activity cafe – What better way to enjoy your best friend than to have them immortalised in paint. The fun and funky splatz cafe offering the perfect setting to capture your kids creative side.

13) Richie Cumming @ Abbey Church – the glorious backdrop of the abbey church was appropriately framed with a graffiti mural of John Muir growing out of the Yosemite mountains with native birds bursting out of the mural.

14) Castle Quilters @ Royal Mac – The craftmanship of the castle quilters group was in full bloom on this display of work.

15) Fraser Gray @ Royal Mac – The most ambitious of the Mural projects featured a stunning elements mural sitting atop the great turret of the Royal Mac.

16) Stuart Davidson @ Graze Coffee & Chocolate House – Stuarts work on capturing individual life in painting is a stunning display. Also Graze offered a great break away from the madness in their tranquil coffee garden with a face painter on hand to please the kids.

17) Dunbar & Innerwick District Brownies Street Art – the high street was awash with creative talent from local kids who had crafted boards, bunting and flowers to make the high street more colourful.

18) ELPH & Chris Young – the founding father of street art in Edinburgh alongside the immensely talented ELPH produced an underwater themed Mural which spanned the enter length of the huge Pik & Choose.

19) GWS Photography @ Lothian Computers – Graeme’s photography projects have won accolade across the UK and his latest exhibition of 1 second exposure shots challenge the perception of true photography genuis. See the exhibition here: http://gwls.photium.com/one-second-landscapes

20) David Paterson @ Record Shop – This labour of love Apple made from over 1,000 vinyl records is the perfect art to be shown in a record shop.

21) Paul Togneri @ Westport Junction – Paul brought creativity to the pavements with a little help from the visiting children. The pavement art spanned the entire length of the high street adding colour to the slabs.

22) MiMiC Art @ Dunbar T-Shirt Shop – From Watercolours to Photography and a miniature painting scene this versatile local artist was the original founder of the street art project alongside Dunbar T-Shirt Shops owner Steve Hill. His display featured a blend of his work from the little to the large.

23) Graham Cairns & Melissa Cairns @ High Street – The crowds were delighted by performance of epic proportions, 7 hours of busking gave the vibe and sway to the day.

24) Neilsart @ Pop Up Shop – The longest queue in town for the caricature artist who captured the comedic side of art perfectly.

25) Carmen Ambrozevich @ Tippecanoe Gallery – This bold and colourful artist displayed some of the most vibrant artwork Dunbar had to offer.

26) Janet McCrorie @ Bass Rock Gallery – Janet’s unique capture of Scottish dancing was on full display with a chance for the crowds to meet the artist responsible for such wonderful work.

27) Bernie Reid @ Old Barracks – such a traditional backdrop provided the inspiration for World Renowed Muralist Bernie to capture perfectly the windswept scene of a Dunbar day.

28) Church of Gloss @ St Anne’s – the first outing for Echo Consciousness by the Church of Gloss crew proved to be a resounding success, with an atmosphere akin to a Glastonbury festival. Kids playing music alongside the Famed musician Callum Easter and delighted with art from James Page. The Tent proved an oasis of tranquil.

29) Treeditions @ St Anne’s – Dave showcased his tradional woodworking skills for visitors and offered demonstration and coaching to those with a love of woodworking.

30) ELPH & Chris Young – Top UK Graffiti Talent on Display as live mural was created

Other Activities outwith programme:

Dreamwall – The dreamwall message board was filled with hopes and aspirations of visitors to the trail.

Bloomia – A live Mandalana was created with beautiful flowers mounted onto the window.

Dunbar Sings – The wandering choir delighted crowds with their performance.

Blindmower – The acousted singing talent on display @ Bleachingfield cafe

Wesley Bradd – the talented local musician and teacher serenaded outside Graze.