Dunbar Art Trail Exhibition

The Dunbar Street Art Trail exhibition features a number of artists displaying their work at commercial venues across the historic town centre of Dunbar. Giving visitors the opportunity to see art displays from local, national and international artists whilst also enjoying the abundance of amenities on offer in Dunbar.

Dunbar Street Art Trail exhibition will be on display from 19th to 25th August with an array of talented artists displays in High Street Windows.

This years trail features over 25 artists from the local area and across the world. This extended exhibition gives you the chance to browse the artwork in your own time, see a favourite artist or perhaps discover a new one, the exhibition and map are free giving you more money in your pocket to spend supporting the great number of local independent shops and cafes which have supported the Dunbar Street Art Trail since its first year.

We will also be running workshops for those who want a more hands on experience with art and a family friendly festival day to end the week.

2018 Dunbar Street Art Trail Exhibition

2DSAT Map 2018



Here is a selection of some of the best exhibition displays from previous years: