Dr Schwamp Gig 2016

C.O.G presented a night of delictable sounds at West Barns Bowling club. A night that those in attendance shall never forget and never fully remember. Dunbar you did the Schwamp proud. What a turn out. You cheered, whistled, roared, clapped and sang along to the best line-up Dunbar has seen.

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Terry T-Rex Mcdermott you were amazing with a unparalleled soaring vocal, against a backdrop of beautiful guitar. Logan’s Close, a janglier cacophony of Beatle-esque magnificence no one has ever seen. And Dr Schwamp. Medicine for the ears, nose and throat, heart and soul. James Brown would have got his funk on to this sextet of soul. Sean McGloin and his tremendous troubadours set the bowling green alight with a heady brew of bagfunk, mouthsoul, fiddleska, and showmanship the quiet world of West Barns has never seen. Those of you who were there will remember this night and relay tales to offspring of the night the music came to town. Others, perhaps you might partake of one of the acts in the future. Give thanks to our disciples of gloss and our Brother Page, seer of stones, one of Dunbar’s sons. Tonight Schwamp became honorary sons of Dunbar.