Chalk has been used in street art since the days of cave drawings, but the movement took a leap forward when some very talented artists began the process of creating intricate 3d pavement drawings. The beauty of chalk street art is the ease of permission, given chalks temporary nature it is generally washed away naturally over the course of a week.

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Chalk street art is a great way to use natural art on any surface and can provide some amazing results using pavements natural texture allows the artists to create a frame for their artwork, blending the cracks and joins in a pavement with their artwork. This form of chalk street art provides the viewer with a mind bending 3d image which can be entirely convincing from all angles. These 3d chalk pavement drawings can take days to perfect but are a great way to mesmerise pasers by.

Another use for chalk street art is to have visitors to your event or town use chalk and leave messages, either via a dream wall (a wall or board with blackboard paint) to create inspirational messages and dreams for the future. This exercise is especially popular with children as it allows them to use art and words as a way to express their hopes and dreams. Young children especially enjoy using chalk street art on the pavement, creating their own visions on the surface and in a short space of time a dull grey street can be transformed into a multitude of colours.

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As chalk becomes more popular and avoids the issues of breaking the law that traditional graffiti often brings there has been much development in chalk spray paint, washable chalk based paint and powdered chalk. These developments have allowed traditional graffiti artists to utilise the temporary nature of chalk for the more traditional mural or stencil based graffiti. Chalk has proven to be one of the most versatile art materials in street art, from face paints to beard colouring it is a great tool to have at any event.