Building Bridges

In a small community of Llano, Texas each year a gathering of rock stars gets together during the Llano Earth Arts Festival to create amazing artwork and compete at the World Stone Stacking Championships. Stone Balancers from across the globe come together to create a weekend of pure artistic delight. Featuring a blend of music, art and balance in a picturesque setting this is a must see festival for all Nature lovers.

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James Page Director at DSAT was this year an attendee at this most awesome of festivals. Building links between our latest event The European Stone Stacking Championship and the organisers of the World Stone Stacking Championship it was a huge success to build the connections of the European balance community and the US balance community. As a social enterprise we are always looking for ways to help achieve our main goals of bringing new art to the people of East Lothian and promoting the amazing shops and facilities that exist here, over the next few weeks boxes of information about East Lothian will be circulated across Texas to potential visitors and a planned visit from the Texas delegation in the next 12 months will give great opportunity for more connections to be made.


With some incredible artistic talent on display this was a great opportunity to learn from the best and also promote the wealth of nature events and attractions here in East Lothian. Not only did James attend the festival he also alongside world renowned Sterling Gregory ran a school workshop at the Waldorf school in Austin Texas, giving the US kids a taste of the balance workshops he has been running here in East Lothian. Working with Sterling has given us some great foundations for growth of our Stone Balance workshops which have been getting huge praise from both children and teachers who attend. You can read more about our stone balance workshops and how they are linked back to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence here.

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The art of stone stacking is one of natures most purest forms of street art, utilising materials found in nature to create transient sculptures to be enjoyed, Dunbar has it’s own chance to witness some of the finest on 22nd April 2017 at the European Stone Stacking championships, where the winner of the European Stone Stacking championships will be awarded flight costs for their trip to enter the world stone stacking championship in Llano 2018. Already there are artists from Spain, France, Italy, England and Scotland signed up to take part in what should be an amazing display of balance skill and a fantastic opportunity for the European balance community to come together share experience and learn.

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