About Us

DSAT was formed to bring more accessible art and music to the people of Dunbar, to provide a platform for local artists to showcase their talent and bring national and international artists to help inspire and attract visitors to our events. Our ethos has parallels with that of street art itself, to experiment with different forms of art in an accessible way. Our passion is art and music and we pride ourselves in the opportunity we have given artists who have become involved in our events.

DSAT was created by Steven Hill of Dunbar T-Shirt Shop and is a partnership with James Craig Page. Each year we have new talented volunteers and team who support the different events. With special mention to our permenant members Graham Cairns, Tom Page, Pauline Jaffray, Emma Calder and Sterling Gregory.

We also seek to bring new access to art and artistic techniques to young people with the aim to improve their own health and wellbeing. We have carried out a number of workshops with adults and children and have found output to both be productive and surprising, the level of engagement and enthusiasm for new learning techniques is clear and we plan to hold many more workshops in the future.

Dsat was created with four key principles:

  • Participation: We want to create immersive artistic events that engage and inspire others whether it be to perform music or stack some stones we encourage people to take our ideas and use them.
  • Civic Responsibility: All our events have a wider impact on the local area, whether it be economic benefit or civic pride through promotion of local artists we want to encourage others to visit, stay and love our town.
  • Radical Inclusion: We work on a wide array of events with a huge spectrum of different artists, whether you have no experience or a lifetime there is a place for you.
  • Accessibility: We have no expectation for the viewer, our events and art provoke an immediate emotional response

If you’d like to get involved, either as an artist, volunteer or venue please contact us via email or Facebook

If you like the style of what we do, get in touch whether your an artist, a musician or simply someone interested in doing something that is cool.