Dunbar Street Art Trail

DSAT began in 2014 working with a pavement artist to create pavement art on the high street of Dunbar. The artwork got attention of visitors and appeared all across social media, in true street art spirit this guerilla art had captured the imagination of the town. In 2015 the Dunbar Street Art Trail was expanded to feature over 50 artists and combined with a shop local message to bring people to the town of Dunbar. This one day showcase of all types of art was enhanced with an interactive twist allowing visitors to try a number of street art techniques, from Graffiti, Pavement chalking, Junk Instruments, Busking and Photography. This Festival day brought hundreds of families to the town and featured workshops and stunt displays.

In 2016 Dunbar Street Art Trail expanded with over 70 artists taking part. DSAT then begn to venture into other events beyond the Dunbar Street Art trail, working with renowned artists, authors and musicians. From Europe’s first Stone Balance event, Saltire inspired Comic book workshops and Stone Balance Workshops in Schools to Saltire inspired Music and Art events and Enigmatic performances from Dr Schwamp.

In 2017 the European Stone Stacking Championships was born and took the world by storm. Attracting media attention globally and bringing together a community of stone balance artists from across the continent. Featuring on The One Show this event was then grown into a two day event for 2018 and grew even further attracting more artists and more media attention.

Against a backdrop of globalisation we use the creative draw of art and music to bring people to the heart of communities, showcasing the wonderful services available and since our inception the publicity created and the visitor numbers have helped to grow Dunbar to the top 5 Coastal towns in the Great British High Street Awards in 2016. As a social enterprise we take our civic responsibility seriously and hope to encourage a renewed sense of community cohesion by highlighting not only the Historic and wonderful town centre but also a unique blend of home grown, national and international artists that draw the eyes of the world onto the town.

The basic principles of all we do are:

  • Participation: We want to create immersive artistic events that engage and inspire others whether it be to perform music or stack some stones we encourage people to take our ideas and use them.
  • Civic Responsibility: All our events have a wider impact on the local area, whether it be economic benefit or civic pride through promotion of local artists we want to encourage others to visit, stay and love our town.
  • Radical Inclusion: We work on a wide array of events with a huge spectrum of different artists, whether you have no experience or a lifetime there is a place for you.
  • Accessibility: We have no expectation for the viewer, our events and art provoke an immediate emotional response

If you’d like to get involved, either as an artist, volunteer or venue please contact us via email or Facebook

You can also help us to grow by donating towards our social enterprise